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Traditional Irish Music Links for Flute

A flute is a high-pitched woodwind instrument.

Flute Players

•  Paul McGlinchey - Irish Traditional Flute Player
•  Karin Leitner - Flute / Irish Tinwhistle / Composer
• - Instrument information & accessories

Flute Makers, Repairs and more

•  Martin Doyle Flutes - wooden flutes renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone
• - Online members' directories of players, teachers & instrument makers
•  Whistle-Flute - website dedicated to the Irish Whistle and Concert Flute
•  Tony Dixon Music - has been making flutes, pipes and whistles for many years
•  Richard Cox - fine woodworking, traditional wooden flutes
•  Amy O'Neill Flute Studio, London ON, Canada. Wooden flute lessons and performances
•  Reviol - Woodwind Instruments, Woodwind instrument repairs New Zealand
•  GT Musical Instruments - building, reconstructing and repairing musical instruments
•  John Packer Musical Instruments - Musical instruments, woodwind & brass specialists

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