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Jenny Newman - Fiddle

Jenny NewmanJenny began as a classically trained violist and performed with Yehudi Menuhin. However, a visit to Donegal sent Jenny's musical career in a different direction when she developed a passion for traditional Irish music. This was honed through frequent trips back to Donegal and sessions with the likes of Siobhan Peoples, Mairead ni Mhonaigh and James Byrne.

Jenny has toured with the Shetland band "Rock Salt and Nails" and the rock band Solstice. In 2010 she launched her solo CD titled "Tom's Fiddle" which also features the musicians Andy Glass (guitar), Kathleen Newman (Cello), Chris Walshaw (French Pipes), Jon Swayne (Border Pipes) and Mark Maguire (Bodhran).

In 2010 along with Andy Glass (guitar, bouzouki & bass pedals) and Pete Hemsley (percussion) she formed the group Jenny's Chickens which then changed it's name to 3 Sticks. The group has released the CDs 'Crossing Currents' and 'Red Moon'.

You can hear sound samples and order the CDs from Jenny's Website.

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