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Martin Connolly
and Kincora Accordions

Martin Connolly

Martin Connolly is an accordion maker, musician and owner of Kincora Accordions, based in Ennis, County Clare. Martin was raised in a house steeped in traditional Irish music, his father playing flute and mother, piano and accordion. With this musical pedigree it was no surprise when he lifted the senior 2 row button accordion in Listowel in 1978.

kincora two voice accordion
A 2-voice Button Accordion from Kincora Accordions

Kincora Accordions

Kincora Accordions not only provides all the servicing requirements for all types of accordions but also manufactures the highly sort after 2 and 3 voice Kincora accordions. These accordions are all handmade to order in any tuning using Binci Professional Handmade A MANO reeds.

kincora three voice accordion
A 3-voice Button Accordion from Kincora Accordions

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